Use these free and simple to use digital signage templates to help inform your employees and guests of the risks of the Coronavirus, the current status and how to help prevent the spread of the virus by utilizing one of the several templates now available for your digital signage.

Update your staff and guests of the current risk levels of the Coronavirus, as well as post your own notices and updates regarding your corporation or policies.

Educate employees on how to help combat the spread of germs and reduce the spread of viruses. Encourage employees to work from home if possible. With the MangoSigns editor, you have the ability to change the content and message to fit your corporate policies in seconds.

Inform your students and employees of coronavirus updates and event and schedule changes

Help inform your employees, students or guests of events being rescheduled, or information related to the pandemic. With the MangoSigns editor you can update the information within your browser and broadcast it to your signs in seconds.

Keep your audience alert and aware of ways that they can help to keep the community safe and informed with these digital signage templates. To send these templates out to your digital signs for your school, or company, simply sign in to your account and search for virus, covid, coronavirus, or click on the trending templates section to see and utilize these and more Coronavirus / Covid19 templates.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for a free trail at and have your account set up and signs playing in a matter of minutes.