Today working remotely became the new norm for many around the world. It’s not possible for everyone, however, if you’re lucky enough to be able to continue your work from the comforts of your own home in these worrisome times here are some tips.

1. Stay connected.
Technology and the plethora of apps have never been so important as in today’s climate. So staying connected is pretty easy. From voice calls to video calls, you can stay connected with your team, customers and family no matter where you are.

2. Stay organized.
It’s important to stay organized, particularly when you have to change up your traditional work routine. If you don’t have a tool you or your team uses, check this article for some great project management platforms that will make your work life easier and more organized. 

3. Establish a schedule.
Usually, workplaces have the set hours of operating, so the same or similar policy should be created for all those working from home. Establish a schedule when your team has to be reachable online, to ensure that there’s minimum interruption to the projects.

4. Establish rules of communication.
Create clear guidance of communication with your employees and colleagues. Think about the ways and channels you want to communicate (whether it’s via email or Slack or any other method). This will help to reduce misunderstandings and miscommunication.

5. Be flexible with your employees.
Flexibility is particularly important when the entire world is moving towards the lock-down. Schools and daycare’s are closing, family members are getting sick, grocery shopping is becoming trickier. Be mindful and understanding with your team’s time.

6. Be transparent with your customers.
We’re in this together, so be clear and honest in your communication with customers. If you’re facing delays or unable to delivery, be open, they will understand.

7. Shift your thinking.
Some businesses have the ability to move their work online, others aren’t so lucky. If you’re in the latter category, try to think outside of the box. Help your employees to earn their paycheck by utilizing the company’s (as well as their own) social media channels to promote your business, its values and ethics, educate and perhaps even brainstorm on creating new products and/or services. Don’t believe it’s possible? Check this article for some inspiration how Chinese hotels, restaurants and retail businesses not just surviving but thriving!

8. Take care of yourself and others around you!
Don’t forget to take care of yourself by staying hydrated and nourished. Take regular breaks and move about! There are plenty of apps out there that can help you schedule a time for regular breaks. Here are five free apps to start with.

Have you got any tips to add to our list? Leave us a comment!