Digital menu boards are a visually attractive way to showcase products, offers, and menu items and to share other restaurant news like your Instagram feed or coming events.

Whether you have a quick-service restaurant or offer a fine-dining experience, you’re always competing for your customer’s attention.

There’s the social aspect of a meal and conversations between diners, and you’re also fighting against the smartphone sitting in their hand.

It’s far too easy for customers to focus on things like emails, social media and texts rather than see the amazing offers and services right in front of them.

A creatively crafted digital signage menu board is hard to ignore. But how do you create one? 

Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

Apart from the obvious eye-catching appeal digital menu boards offer over static menus, here are some advantages of digitized menu displays:

  • Showcase daily specials while reducing print costs
  • Display operating hours, social media and contact info
  • Use templates to create a consistent theme through your establishment
  • Easily add new menu offerings
  • Change pricing quickly and easily
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Automate changes
  • Better control and fewer errors than print
  • Reduce perceived wait times
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Keep brand consistency
  • Maximize ROI 

Sounds great! Now, how do you make this happen?

How to Create a Digital Menu Board

1. Install the player

Install the MangoSigns player on your devices and control the content through your account.

2. Apps Make it Easy

Mango Signs’ menu app lets you easily create menus in multiple formats. The menu boards are fully customizable, so you can adjust the font sizes and styles to match your brand. The images app lets you upload your own images for your digital signage. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to resize, rotate, crop, add borders and even add effects and animations to your images.

3. Use an Existing Template or Make Your Own

Prebuilt menu templates give you a place to start, or start from scratch and use your own creative.

Text, colors, images, and videos can be easily added or replaced, and you can preview exactly what the content will look like before sending your signs to your screen.

You can use animations, videos and image slideshows to help draw attention to your signs and increase sales.

Starting with a pre-built template helps you discover the spacing and format that works best on-screen, even if you plan to design your own.

4. Make Instant Updates Using Your Browser

Using the MangoSigns slide editor, you can update all of your content right through your browser. No need for third party services or expensive applications. Everything can be customized and animated within our platform.

5. Schedule Automatic Updates

With automation software, you get powerful scheduling abilities:

  • Choose exactly where and when your content should play.
  • Schedule content to play continuously daily, monthly, yearly, and more.
  • Override existing scheduled content, or intersperse with it.
  • Play content based on custom conditions or triggers.

Digital Menu Boards and the Future

Digital signage is the easiest way to plan and adapt your restaurant to the internet of things (IoT) and plan for the future and marketing campaigns where customers will be talking to objects and systems within your restaurants.

Digital signage works in tandem with beacons, which are able to communicate special offers, news and updates to a smartphone.

They’re adaptable and can be triggered by in-store events.

Interactive screens on tables can be used to order food, play games, and collect customer feedback.

Your advertising panels can change depending on what menu items you have available, so if you’re running low on something, the ads will shift to a different item–smart refrigerators and shelving can count stock, automate ordering processes, and also reduce food waste.

By adding digital signage now, you’re taking the first step toward owning a sophisticated, internet-enabled restaurant that uses real data to tailor food, products and staff timetables.

The customer gets what they actually want and need easily and efficiently. 
Ready to get started? We’re here to help!

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