Digital signage offers a great and effective way of generating interest in your products and services. From attracting passers-by to offering special promotions for your customers in-store, at the gym/bank/restaurant or any other establishment, digital signage has capabilities that traditional signage doesn’t. Not sure whether you should invest in digital signage? Check this post where we listed 10 Digital Signage Benefits. If you already know how beneficial it is to use digital signage and ready to start promoting your business, make the most of the digital signage by keeping these design tips in mind.

Add a clear call to action. It’s far more important than any images you are displaying on the screen. Don’t forget to ensure your message is clear, it tells the audience what action you want them to take after viewing your advert. Keep it short and to the point.

People look at your digital signage because they are curious. Don’t clutter it with paragraphs of boring text. Define your goals and don’t try to achieve too much, simply think about the content you display and whether it’s helping to achieve your goal. Use beautiful vibrant images and make the content enticing.

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Human eyes are attracted to motion, so use animation, creative editing or video in your digital signage message. And it couldn’t be easier with Mango Signs! In addition to static image options, we also offer dynamic digital signage templates, that are even more effective in attracting your customers and passers-by attention. Check this easy to follow tutorial on how to animate your digital signage below.



Keep it simple! It might be tempting to add a lot of information on your digital signage, but that’s not a great idea. Don’t forget that people will see the digital signage for a few moments, so the more text you add the more chance there is they’ll turn away. Whether you’re using one of the readily available templates or designing your own, don’t overcrowd your digital signage content with text and lists.

Text size tells the audience the priority of design elements. Are you putting the emphasis on the right phrase? Make sure you use a readable font. Test out several options, look at your digital signage from the different angles and distances to test out whether you can easily read the message. Remember, you want to attract, not distract!

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Use bold visual effects to drive engagement with your digital signage and attract attention. Headlines, graphics, bright colors, and high contrast items stand out. You don’t necessarily have to use all of these at once, but a combination of these elements will ensure you capture the attention of passers-by.

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If you have different offers/promotions happening throughout the day, vary your digital signage message accordingly. With Mango Signs digital signage it’s easy to achieve. We offer powerful scheduling capabilities for your digital signs. You can play content based on custom conditions or triggers. Schedule content to play continuously daily, monthly, yearly and much more! Explore Mango Signs features here.

What does your digital signage message convey? Are you making customers feel happy? Hungry? Intrigued? Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make decisions. Emotional responses to marketing actually influence a person’s intent and decision to buy more than the content of an ad or marketing material. People respond to emotions, so keep that in mind when deploying your digital signage.

Digital signage’s biggest power – it’s a magnet for eyes. Always use that to your advantage. But don’t forget to preview your designs, to check where your eye goes first. No matter what kind of message you’re trying to convey, make sure you don’t distract customer’s attention with something else. Test and adjust accordingly.


Have you set a clear advertising goal? Think about what are you trying to achieve with your digital signage message and craft your message around it. If you’re offering an exclusive deal for your newsletter subscribers – ask people to subscribe. If you’re offering a discount at a certain time of the day – invite people to visit your establishment at a specific time for an extra discount on their purchase.

And finally, don’t forget the fun element when designing your digital signage. After all, it’s there not just to inform, but also to entertain.

At Mango Signs, we make it easy for you to advertise your business. With our library of hundreds of free pre-made designer created templates, you will be able to get new content out to your signs quickly. You are free to use your own hardware or Smart TV, or you can purchase a pre-configured MangoSigns box that connects to your TV and WiFi or network.  Whether you are looking to create menu boards, communicate with your employees, show your social media posts, feature local weather or news … It is all available with Mango Signs in a secure cloud-based platform.

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