Things have been fast and furious at Mango Signs lately and have a few things to show off because of it! In this post we would like to reveal a list of just released features that we are really excited about. These new capabilities will allow you to create digital signage content with greater ease, and be able to manage and edit your signs from anywhere. Our core focus was small business while working on each piece of functionality. We hope you enjoy the updates and they help in promoting your business.
4 New Mango Sign Features to Power Up your Digital Signage

News Breaking News Daily News Follow Media Searching Concept

News Breaking News Daily News Follow Media Searching Concept

We recently made available our html5 online digital signage editor, allowing users to update their content and manage all of their signs through a web browser. This is a huge step in the right direction for us completing the last step in bringing our entire platform to the cloud.The HTML designer allows you to create and modify your digital signage content right through your browser with a variety of options. So far the feedback has been great. Give it a spin and let us know what you think.


Android and Windows Signage Players

More exciting news is that we added android support as well as made our Windows App available through the Windows Store. This allows customers to utilize android devices to serve as digital signage players. Visit the Android App store and search Mango Signs, or simply go here. Our Windows 8.1 player can be found by visiting the Windows Store here. Stay tuned for more platform/device support as we continue to expand our offering.


Sign Up and Login using your Social Media Account

To extend the capabilities we have been working on, we have made it easier to sign up! You can now use your google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account to register and log in to manage your signs. No need to manage a separate account, simply login with google, Facebook or LinkedIn at our signup page and you are all set to get started with setting up your new sign.

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Growing Library of Digital Signage Templates

As requested, we have also extended our template library with some stunning new sign templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Visit our templates page to take a look.
As we grow, we want to hear what excites you the most! Have a request, or an idea we can help achieve with your signage, feel free to drop us a suggestion or comment. Most of our features stem from our clients requests so we would love to hear from you.